Robert Schumann, Album für die Jugend. Op. 68 (1848).


Album für die Jugend (Album for the Young), Op. 68, was composed by Robert Schumann in 1848 for his three daughters. The album consists of a collection of 43 short works for piano. Unlike the Kinderszenen, they are suitable to be played by children or beginners. The second part, starting at Nr. 19 (Kleine Romanze), is marked «Für Erwachsenere» («For adults» or «For more grown-up ones») and contains more demanding pieces.

1. Melodie
scoring: SA
2. Soldatenmarsch
scoring: SST
3. Trällerliedchen (Humming Song)
scoring: SAB
4. Ein Choral «Freue dich sehr, o meine Seele»
scoring: SATB
5. Stückchen (Little Piece)
scoring: SA
6. Armes Waisenkind (The Poor Orphan)
scoring: AATB
7. Jägerliedchen (Hunting Song)
scoring: SATB
8. Wilder Reiter
scoring: SATB
9. Volksliedchen
scoring: SATB
10. Fröhlicher Landmann, von der Arbeit zurückkehrend (The Happy Farmer)
scoring: SATT
11. Sizilianisch
scoring: SATB
12. Knecht Ruprecht
scoring: SATB
13. Mai, lieber Mai
scoring: SATB
15. Frühlingsgesang
scoring: SATB
16. Erster Verlust
scoring: SSAB
18. Schnitterliedchen
scoring: SSTT or SATB
19. Kleine Romanze
scoring: ST (Guitar)
20. Ländliches Lied
scoring: SSATB
21. (untitled)
scoring: A (Piano)
30. (untitled)
scoring: SATB
38. Winterzeit I
scoring: SAATB
43. Sylvesterlied (New Year's Eve)
scoring: SSAB