The Boston collection of instrumental music: containing marches, quicksteps, waltzes, airs, cotillons, contra dances, hornpipes, quadrilles, arranged with figures, Scotch and Irish jigs, reels, and strathspeys, arranged for brass, wooden, & stringed instruments (Oliver Ditson, Boston 1840).

title page
Carl Maria von Weber (1786 - 1826):   Freischütz Waltz
Edited and/or arranged by J.H. Seipp
scoring: SB (Guitar)
1. Simon Knaebel (XIX cent.):   Hykshos March
scoring: SSAB
2. Simon Knaebel (XIX cent.):   Brooklyn Waltz
scoring: SATB
3. Simon Knaebel (XIX cent.):   Rockaway Quick-Step
scoring: SSAB
4. Simon Knaebel (XIX cent.):   Medley Quick-Step (Old Dan Tucker, &c.)
scoring: SSTB
5. Simon Knaebel (XIX cent.):   Manhattan Galopade
scoring: SSTB
6. Simon Knaebel (XIX cent.):   The Lover’s Waltz
scoring: AT
7. Anonymous:   Waltz
scoring: AA
8. C.F. Bauer (XIX cent.):   Tremont Quadrilles
scoring: SAAB
9. A.F. Knight (XIX cent.):   German Quick-Step
scoring: AATB
10. A.F. Knight (XIX cent.):   German Galopade
scoring: SATB
11. Simon Knaebel (XIX cent.):   Polacca
scoring: AT
12. Adam Kurek (XIX cent.):   Conversation Waltz
scoring: SATTBB
13. Gioachino Rossini (1792 - 1868):   Waltz from Semiramis [Semiramide]
Edited and/or arranged by A.F. Knight
scoring: SATB
14. Edward B. Bohuszewicz (1810-1848):   Boswell's Waltz
scoring: SATB
15. Johann Strauss II (1825 - 1899):   Waltz
Edited and/or arranged by Simon Knaebel
scoring: ATTBB