Christoph Demantius, Isagoge artis musicae ad incipientium captum maxime accommodata. Editio Nona et ultima (Georg Beuther, Friburgo 1656).


There are several editions of this treatise, and the canons are found in their appendices. So far, all the information I have gathered is taken from the 1607 and the 1656 editions.
In the 1656 edition, there are all the 21 canons already published in the first issue plus other 80 canons.

1. Fuga in unisono, oder in gleichem Thon, post tactum
scoring: CC
2. Idem fuga in unisono post minimam
scoring: CC
78. Proportio vel tripla brevium post tactum a 3 voc.
scoring: CCC
99. Alia fuga duarum in epidiapason post sesquitempus, «Gloria»
scoring: SA or TB
100. Alia fuga 4 ex unisono post tria tempora, «Et in terra pax»
scoring: TTTT
101. Alia fuga ex unisono a 4 post duo tempora, «Da pacem Domine»
scoring: CCCC