Karl Friedrich Abel, Six easy sonattas for the harpsichord or for a viola da gamba, violin or German flute with a thorough-bass accompaniment (J.J. Hummel, Amsterdam [1771]).

This source has been fully transcribed

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According to the title page of the original print, these six sonatas are suitable for harpsichord, viola da gamba, violin or German (transverse) flute; nevertheless, only the first two options are immediately feasible, because of the range of the upper line and the presence in it of multiple stopping. The sonatas, due to their simplicity, may be conveniently played by a treble recorder, providing the right transposition.

Sonata I in F major - K 141
scoring: A (Bc)
2. Sonata II in C major - K 142
scoring: SB (Harpsichord)
3. Sonata III
scoring: A (Bc)
4. Sonata IV
scoring: A (Bc)
5. Sonata V
scoring: A (Bc)
6. Sonata VI
scoring: A (Bc)