Antonio Troilo (flourished 1606-08)
Italian composer and musician. The title-pages of his three collections of music show that he was a municipal musician at Vicenza; he also seems to have played at the Accademia Olimpica there. The three collections were published at Venice. Two consist of instrumental music: Il primo libro delle canzoni da sonare con ogni sorte de stromenti (1606), for four and five instruments and continuo, and Sinfonie, scherzi, ricercari, capricci et fantasie a due voci per cantar et sonar con ogni sorte di stromenti (1608). The latter consists of 21 pieces, the last ten apparently intended specifically for violins, which belong to the genre of the pedagogic duo cultivated by a number of composers about this time, among them G.B. Calì and G.B. Bianco. They are short rhythmic pieces with varied textures, reminiscent of the canzone francese. Between these two prints Troilo published a volume of church music, Salmi intieri (1607), for five voices and organ continuo; he included in it nine psalms by G.B. Biondi. His own nine psalms include homophonic writing such as is found in many works at this period, as well as a good deal of word-painting. A fourth collection, Alfabetto musicale, for three voices, was cited in Vincenti’s catalogue but it no longer survives.