Thomas Tollet (? - 1696)
Thomas, John, and Charles Tollet (brothers?) where members of the Dublin City Music from 1678 to 1688. In 1689 or 1690 Thomas came to London, and in 1691 he set a song for D’Urfey’s The Marriage-Hater Match’d. He composed other theatre tunes for The Cheats and The Virtuous Wife. In 1692 Tollet and John Lenton published A Consort of Musick in Three Parts, and Tollet wrote Direction to Play on the French Flageolet. By 22 June 1694 Tollets’s name began appearing in the Lord Chamberlain’s accounts in connection with a place for him in the King’s musick. On 27 March 1695 he received an appointment, but it was without fee, and he had to wait for a vacancy. He replaced Robert Carr on 9 January 1696, but the following 2 September it was agreed that upon Tollett’s death his livery and wages were to go to John Eccles. That suggests that Tollet was then old or in poor health. By 1697 Eccles received his appointment, but the records do not indicate whether Tollet died or retired. The New Grove guesses that he may have died in 1696. In addition to the Consort, Tollet composed a farewell piece for the Queen’s funeral in 1695. Some of his manuscript music is at the Bodleian Library.

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5. Tollet’s Ground
source: The first part of the division flute (London [1706])
The basso continuo has been realised in full
scoring: A (Bc)
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The Queen’s Farewell in 3 parts
source: The Sprightly Companion (London 1695)
The basso continuo has been realised in full
scoring: ATB (Bc ad libitum)
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