Andrea Bornstein (1956 - )
: Arrangement

13 Entries

Ack Värmeland, du sköna (Dear Old Stockholm), Swedish folk song
scoring: TBB (Keyboard ad libitum)
Au Clair de la Lune, French popular song
scoring: ATB (Keyboard ad libitum)
Cantando su un solfeggio, based on Bertalotti’s Solfeggio Quarantesimo Sesto (1744)
scoring: STB
Come By Here (Kumbaya) from the singing of H. Wylie, recorded on an Edison wax cylinder in 1926
scoring: ATB (Harmonic Instrument ad libitum)
Edwin Alton's Valzer
scoring: STT
Fantasia on «I Will Survive» by Freddie Perren (1943 - 2004)
scoring: STTB (Harmonic Instrument ad libitum)
L'Apprenti Pastouriau, French popular song
scoring: ATB (Bc)
Love will find out the way, English popular song of the Elizabethan time
scoring: SAT (Bc)
Scaramella, fantasia based on a 15th-century popular melody
scoring: SAB (Harmonic Instrument ad libitum)
Schlaf, Kindchen, also wohl, German popular song
scoring: ATB
Sitz a schöns Vogerl im Tannabaum, Folksong from Lower Austria
scoring: STT
The Marsh Of Rhuddlan, Welsh traditional song
scoring: STB (Bc)
Variations on «Bunessan» (Morning Has Broken)
scoring: AB (Harmonic Instrument ad libitum)