This is the list of all the composers who have some works published or at least listed in the whole Gardane site.

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Composers N: 11

Nasco, Jan (c.1510 - 1561) INFO
Nasco, Jan (c.1510 - 1561) INFO
Natali, Pompeo (XVII cent.)
Naudot, Jacques-Christophe (c.1690 - 1762) INFO
Naumann, Johann Gottlieb (1741 - 1801) INFO
Negri, Cesare (c.1535 - post 1604) INFO
Nicholls, John (c.1627 - 1681)
Ninot le Petit (flourished 1500) INFO
Nola, Giovanni Domenico da (c.1515 - 1592) INFO
Noordt, Sybrand van (1659 - 1705)
Novaro, Michele (1818 - 1885) INFO