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How does the site work? Musical Questions

Info updated: 2020-12-11


Our scores and separate parts are just files, but sooner or later you will print them to play them on your own or with someone else, or even to use them for teaching purposes.

In fact, the teaching purposes virtually cover all the possible problems concerning music copyrights when you use and share our editions.

Let us suppose you teach recorder in music schools:

  1. Can you use the scores you have downloaded from our site for your lessons?
  2. Is it possible to use them for groups of pupils?
  3. Are you allowed to copy them in order to give them to the pupils?

Our answer is: absolutely yes in all those cases.

Imagine that you bought a score already on paper - like a Fuzeau or a Bärenreiter edition - with separate parts: would you not pass the separate parts on to the players or pupils, even if they did not buy them? You can do the same with ours editions. And as you are not allowed to photocopy a Fuzeau edition and give the copies away, so you will not print nth times our PDF files and give them away to people who will not play that PDF file with you.

What you should really avoid is sharing your subscription with another teacher (for example), who would use it for his/her own teaching without subscribing to

In short: you can share our music with people who play it with you; but you can never share your account with anyone, not even with people who play with you.