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Info updated: 2022-05-08

Why do I persist in recording my own editions?

I graduated in Flauto dolce at the Conservatoire of Bologna (Italy) with 10/10 in 1981. I played a lot around, but I have never been a «black-belt» recorder player, mainly because I have never wanted to. I mean, I have been able to perform in public Vivaldi’s Concerto per Flauto in C minor - RV 441 several times, but that was not my kettle of fish at all.

Indeed, I have always preferred to study music and – above all – edit it: this is why I created as soon as that was made possible by the web technology. And yet, soon did I find out that performing a new edition was the ultimate proof-reading, the best way to correct typos, music errors and layout oddities.

Once I am recording almost everything I publish, why do not share the result? First, I play for myself and for my editions’ sake; then I share my performances on either listen to them or ignore them.

In the video below you may see my recording studio: just my desktop, one or more recorders, a good computer and some expensive software…