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How does the site work? Musical Questions

Info updated: 2014-05-09

May I propose an edition to publish?

Every player has an edition waiting to be published.

If you would like to propose an edition of a piece not already published on the site, you should send us through your Your File Repository page a copy of a source of your transcription; that is, a facsimile of an original manuscript or early print. As a second option, a reliable modern edition - as an opera omnia - will do. Then, the PDF file of your edition – even a manuscript copy is fine – plus a music file, the kind of which should be hierarchically:

  1. Finale file;
  2. XML file;
  3. MIDI file.

Eventually, an experts’ panel will judge whether your piece is worth to be published. If so, your edition will be published in your name completely free of charge.