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Info updated: 2014-02-21

Recorder-friendly level

I have decided to rank on a scale from one to four the recorder-friendly level of the pieces published on the site. The levels are:

Idiomatic music originally not meant for recorders – for instance, a Mozart string quartet.
Non-idiomatic music originally meant for any instrument or voices – for instance, a Renaissance ricercare.
Idiomatic music originally meant for recorders as well as for other instruments – for instance, a Telemann flute duo, which is meant to be transposed and played on two treble recorders.
Music specifically meant for recorders – for instance, a sonata for recorder by B. Marcello – or originally transcribed for recorders – for instance, a sonata for violin by A. Corelli, transcribed for recorder and published by John Walsh in the early 18th century.

Obviously this must be taken with a pinch of salt and has nothing to do with the difficulty of the piece.